Jason Headcanon #2

• Jason and his dad make it a point to go fishing at least once a week so they can spend some equality time together, reconnect, and talk about anything and everything that is on their minds.

• Jason has Jerry’s dog tags which he wears everyday around his neck underneath his shirt, and keeps close to his heart. As a tribute to him, to remember him by, as well as a way to feel closer to him somehow. 😢😭

• Jason is Whit and Wilson’s caddie whenever they play golf with each other. He always tells himself he won’t go but somehow they always convince him to do it just one more time. Every time he goes it just reaffirms for him how much he hates being Whit and Wilson’s caddie as they always trash talk each other and he has to make sure to stay out of it! 😆 At first he tried to play himself with Whit and Wilson but soon realized after one game that he had no talent in the sport. 😂

• Another secret talent of Jason’s is juggling as he is really great at it. After finding out about his talent Connie kept asking him to perform at kids’ birthday parties which were being held at Whit’s End but he always said no. Finally, after being asked many times he gave in and agreed to do it once. However, this was not to be the last time as the kids loved it so much they keep asking him to do it at their parties and Jason, not wanting to disappoint the kids, says yes every time. Overtime though he has come to enjoy it! 😊

• Jason also knows how to ride a motorcycle. Something which he learned how to do when he was a teenager and is also one of his favorite things to do. Whenever he needs to clear his head, have some fun, or satisfy his need for risk and excitement, he goes for a ride.

– Elissa and Hannah

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      1. No, not weird at all. 🤗This is Elissa. 😊😊😊 We both comment using this shared account, and then we also have our own separate WordPress accounts. And then as you said we run this account with two friends so yeah it’s a little complicated.😂😂😂

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      2. Well, It’s getting late over here… (I live in the southern section of these United States.) So I’m getting off. Thanks so much for your encouragement and for chatting with me! 🙂 🤗🤗🤗 Good Night! (Or Morning… Idk what time it is for you… 😂😂)

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