A Day in the Life at Triple J’s Antiques

A little while ago on Tumblr we were asked about our ideas of what a regular day of Jason and Jillian working at the antique shop looks like. Bonus points if Jillian answered the phone and said the wrong thing and Jason would be like “I’ll take that now Jillian thank you.”

And so this is what we came up with.

It would be absolute chaos! Jillian would always be doing things that get on Jason’s nerves. Jason would be in the back working on inventory and Jillian would be working in the front of the store. She would ask him endless questions about which way the displays in the widow should be set up which would drive Jason crazy as he’s trying to concentrate on his work. Also, every time someone would call the shop she would talk their ear off about every topic (such as fashion, music, etc.) except the reason they actually called for which would upset the customers. Jason would hear her doing this and take the phone from her saying “I’ll take that now Jillian thank you.”

An example of this would be.

Jillian: Hi this is Jillian from Triple J’s Antiques. How may I help you?

Caller: Oh yes I have some Backstreet Boys memorabilia.

Jillian: The Backstreet Boys! I love them!!! best boy band ever!!!!

Caller: Yes, I know. Well I was hoping that I would be able to-

Jillian: My favorite album from them was Millennium. It was so INCREDIBLE!!!

Caller: Yes, it was. As I was saying-

Jillian: Nick Carter was my favorite member of the group! He was just so dreamy with those blue eyes and-

Jason entering room and hearing the conversation

Jason: Jillian! Obviously annoyed

Jillian: to the caller One moment please. to Jason Jason can’t you see I’m talking to a customer.

Jason: I’ll take that now Jillian thank you.”

Jillian: Oh sure handing Jason the phone no problem.

Here’s another example of a typical conversation that takes place daily at Triple J’s Antiques between Jason and Jillian.

Jillian: Jason!!! I have something to show you!

Jason: sighs What is it? busy with work

Jillian: You know that dresser we got in yesterday?

Jason: Yeah, what about it?

Jillian: I repainted it.

Jason: What???!!!!!

Jillian: It desperately needed it. The dresser was such a dull brown so I had it repainted a shiny new black. It’s so stylish now. Buyers are going to love it.

Jason: You painted over the mahogany! Jillian that was an original Sheraton dresser from the 1700s worth thousands of dollars!

Jillian: Well, this Sheraton fellow obviously didn’t have any sense of taste.

Jason: thinking Why did I ever hire her????

And that’s the end. Hope you all enjoyed it. ☺️

– Hannah and Elissa

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