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Jason’s Reaction to Jana’s Divorce

Recently, we got an ask on our Tumblr account asking how Jason would react to his sister Jana’s divorce and decided to post it here as well for you all to read. Jason was the first person Jana told about her divorce. When Jason first heard the news he freaked out a bit internally as…

Jason Fanfiction

A collection of stories we’ve written or are in the process of writing that feature Jason Whittaker. A Number, Not a Name: “A couple of months after Jason joins the NSA he is finally assigned his first field mission. Eager to prove himself not only to Donovan but also to his new partner Tasha Forbes,…

Jason Headcanon #4 (Ft. Jana Whittaker)

• After their mom’s death Jana took it upon herself to look after him and make sure he was okay. Doing such things as making sure he was getting enough rest and was eating properly, and not working too hard. And telling him to say safe. Just like Jenny used to do. Because we all…

A Day in the Life at Triple J’s Antiques

A little while ago on Tumblr we were asked about our ideas of what a regular day of Jason and Jillian working at the antique shop looks like. Bonus points if Jillian answered the phone and said the wrong thing and Jason would be like “I’ll take that now Jillian thank you.” And so this…


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Jason Whittaker:

Why can’t ducks wear glasses?

Josh: Why?

Jason Whittaker:

Because they don’t have EARS! HA, HA, HA!!

– #455: “Best Laid Plans”

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