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Tason Headcanon #2

• They each have a picture of each other on their nightstands which they look at every night before going to sleep. They do this for hours just thinking of the other and them together. Just thinking of their break up and what they could of had if things had worked out • Another headContinue reading “Tason Headcanon #2”

Tason Headcanon #1

As you all probably know by now we are major fans of Tasha and Jason as a couple (and by major we mean MAJOR 😜) and are hoping so much that Tasha becomes a Christian and they get back together again! ♥️♥️🥰🥰😍😍 And so we have a few headcanons about them that we are sharingContinue reading “Tason Headcanon #1”

Jason Headcanon #3

• When Jason was 14, there was this girl at school he liked but unlike Jerry, who we headcanon was liked by all the girls during his entire time in high school, he wasn’t nearly as popular. So in hopes of getting her to notice him he decided he wanted to get his hair cutContinue reading “Jason Headcanon #3”


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Jason Whittaker:

Why can’t ducks wear glasses?

Josh: Why?

Jason Whittaker:

Because they don’t have EARS! HA, HA, HA!!

– #455: “Best Laid Plans”

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