Jason Headcanon #3

• When Jason was 14, there was this girl at school he liked but unlike Jerry, who we headcanon was liked by all the girls during his entire time in high school, he wasn’t nearly as popular. So in hopes of getting her to notice him he decided he wanted to get his hair cut in style that all the popular boys were wearing and one that he had overheard her saying she really liked. He told Jana about it and she said that she’d cut his hair for him and Jason agreed. However when he looked in the mirror after she was done it was TERRIBLE 😂😂😂. And Jason was so embarrassed as everyone at school including the girl he liked would see it. But of course there wasn’t anything he could do about it. Needless to say it was the talk of the school for a few days and our poor baby definitely endured some teasing because of it. And that was one of their infamous brother/sister moments Jason and Jana had growing up. They still have the pictures of Jason with that hair cut and Jason hates those pictures with a PASSION. Jana unsurprisingly loves it and of course she all too happily reminds him about it. 😜😜😜

• Jason at the beginning of his high school years was a bit awkward. He was still on the shorter side with a higher pitched voice and a little acne. So he was average looking. But after Sophomore year he had a major glow up. Like MAJOR 😂. After that he was SO CUTE and all the girls liked him. So yeah, Jerry always had STUNNING looks it just took Jason a little longer. 😜

• Jana taught Jason how to dance. Jenny DEFINITELY took some pictures. Jason was a little embarrassed. 🙈 But Jana LOVED it. She also loves any chance she gets to show those photos.

• The first Valentine’s card Jason ever bought was for Jana. Jana still has it and it’s one of her most precious possessions. 🥺🥺🥺

• Jason took drama. He made an excellent Romeo. All the girls auditioned for Juliet. It was Junior year and Jason looked GOOD. 😉😜😂 Those drama lessons came in handy for Jason’s life as a undercover agent.

– Elissa and Hannah

6 thoughts on “Jason Headcanon #3

    1. Thank you so much!!! ♥️♥️♥️ We love the ones with Jana and Jason as well! Their relationship is so sweet! We would absolutely love to hear more of it on the show! Their relationship is even more special to us as all of us here have at least one sibling! 🥰🥰🥰

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      1. It definitely would!!! Jana and Jason’s relationship is just so beautiful! It would be a shame not to hear more of it! Just imagine the stories they could do, both with them in the past and in the present. We know we are not alone in wanting to know the story behind Jana getting hypothermia when she and Jason were on one of their adventures. 😜 They could also do a story where Jana and Jason now figure out what’s next for the two of them, now that they are in a new chapter of their lives: Jana now being an empty nester and Jason being permanently retired from his work as an agent.


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