Tason Headcanon #1

As you all probably know by now we are major fans of Tasha and Jason as a couple (and by major we mean MAJOR 😜) and are hoping so much that Tasha becomes a Christian and they get back together again!🥰

And so we have a few headcanons about them that we are sharing with you guys!

• Tasha threw Jason a surprise birthday party at his favorite restaurant in Odyssey (this was between love is in the air and a question about Tasha) however Connie said “surprise” before everyone else when Jason came in and Tasha was a little upset (though not for too long 😂) about it since it’s always hard for her to surprise Jason. It also works because Eugene said in “crash course” that Connie said “happy birthday” and “surprise” too soon at Jason’s surprise birthday party.

• During their days together at the Agency Jason and Tasha practically lived at the other’s house. After work they would go over to the other’s place and would watch movies, play games, and have dinner together.

• For any major event or occasion they would always be each other’s date. Of course they didn’t think anything of it because they were so close. (We headcanon that they dated without officially dating if that makes sense 😂. Like they were dating without knowing it). While everyone else thought that something was going on between the two of them. All of their coworkers thought they were dating and would always ask the two of them about it but of course they would always say no. However, Donovan wasn’t the slightest bit convinced and was certain these two had serious feelings for each other.

• Tasha is a cat person while Jason is a dog person (Jason likes cat and Tasha likes dogs it’s just they each see the other animal as superior 😆). Needless to say this leads to a lot of back and worth as they debate the pros and cons of cats and dogs.

• They two of them also took martial arts classes together (maybe karate). Something which Tasha introduced Jason to and which he instantly fell in love with. He also was very IMPRESSED by her skills.

• On their off days for work they loved to play laser tag. Their games would get very competitive and the other players would immediately regret playing. Tasha and Jason would show no mercy and would constantly rack up all the points (as they treated it like training exercise and also a competition as they each tried to “shoot” the most people without getting shot themselves) needless to see it was complete annihilation for the other players and most of the time they demanded their money back. Finally, Tasha and Jason were banned. 😂😂😂

• Tasha and Jason would hold hands and tap out messages in morse code on each other’s palms or something at different events and parties they attended. They would also be across the room from each other and Jason casually taps on the wall and Tasha clicks her high heels. And they would naturally converse in that way as well.

– Elissa and Hannah

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