Tason Headcanon #2

• They each have a picture of each other on their nightstands which they look at every night before going to sleep. They do this for hours just thinking of the other and them together. Just thinking of their break up and what they could of had if things had worked out

• Another headcanon is that Tasha still has the ring Jason gave her and she keeps it on a chain around her neck close to her heart ❤️

• Every once in awhile they think about calling each other but decide not to as they think it would be better for each of them if they stayed out of contact as there’s so much history between them

• They still have each other’s love letters which they read at least once a week. 🥰😢

• They still think of each other as the love of their lives! 🥰😍🥰😭

• They ask mutual friends (which they probably made in the agency) how the other one is doing as they still love and care about each other VERY MUCH!😢🥰

– Elissa and Hannah

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