Jason Headcanon #4 (Ft. Jana Whittaker)

• After their mom’s death Jana took it upon herself to look after him and make sure he was okay. Doing such things as making sure he was getting enough rest and was eating properly, and not working too hard. And telling him to say safe. Just like Jenny used to do. Because we all know Jenny babied Jason. Not to mention Jason’s life as an agent must have been very tough and Jana probably worried about him a lot.

• Jana definitely is one to ask about Jason’s love life especially now. Always wondering when he’ll meet the right girl and settle down as she thinks it’s about time that he did. Every time though Jason tells her shouldn’t she focus on something else, like her own romantic life, and she always responds that it’s what sisters are for.”

• Growing up Jana knew a thing or two about sports and was quite talented at them too. She would even wrestle with her brothers. She would win about 50% of the time when she went against Jerry but with Jason it was complete domination. Even when she was getting older and became more interested in clothes and boys (Jason was like what’s wrong with her 😂) she had no trouble reminding Jason that she hadn’t lost her touch.

• Jason has always been one to help push Jana out of her comfort zone and encourage her to try new things. Like the time he convinced her to go for a ride on the motorcycle. Something which afterwards she swore she’ll never do again. Jason though has other ideas.

• Jason cried so hard at Jana’s wedding. Even though he knew Jana was happy, he was still emotional as felt like he was losing his sister. He gave a beautiful speech at the reception about how wonderful of a sister she is and how much he loves her. 🥺

– Hannah and Elissa

2 thoughts on “Jason Headcanon #4 (Ft. Jana Whittaker)

    1. Thanks so much! Your words are the sweetest! It’s always wonderful to meet fellow HUGE fans of Jason! We’re so happy to hear you’ll be back! ♥️ We have lots of new content coming soon so be on the lookout. 😉


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