Jason Fanfiction

A collection of stories we’ve written or are in the process of writing that feature Jason Whittaker.

A Number, Not a Name:

“A couple of months after Jason joins the NSA he is finally assigned his first field mission. Eager to prove himself not only to Donovan but also to his new partner Tasha Forbes, Jason throws himself into the case. However, he soon finds himself caught in a complex web of treachery, deceit, and betrayal which will force him to answer a difficult question – who can he trust?”

The Unimaginable:

“On a typical day the Whittaker family find their lives turned upside down with some tragic news.”

The Soda Jerk’s Gambit:

“Determined to learn the recipe for raspberry ripple ice cream Connie makes a bet with Jason. The only question – who will win in the end?”

The Priority of Patience:

“When a run to school and work is faced with one obstacle after another, Jason, Morrie, and Suzu’s day takes a direction completely unexpected. Yet, this might just be what they need the most.”

Hope you enjoy reading.

– Elissa and Hannah

2 thoughts on “Jason Fanfiction

  1. Wow! I didn’t realize you guys wrote The Soda Jerk’s Gambit! I read that story on Archive of our Own, I think, and LOVED it!!! I’ll have to read all of these 😄

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