Jason’s Reaction to Jana’s Divorce

Recently, we got an ask on our Tumblr account asking how Jason would react to his sister Jana’s divorce and decided to post it here as well for you all to read.

Jason was the first person Jana told about her divorce. When Jason first heard the news he freaked out a bit internally as he had no idea things between Jana and Phil were that bad. Jana had told him things between her and Phil were not as great as they could be, but definitely nothing even remotely close to how the situation actually was between them. Jason was also super worried about Jana as he understood how hard this must be for her to go through this. His heart was hurting because she was experiencing so much pain and heartbreak, which he would have done anything to take away or even slightly ease.

Jason comforted Jana while she cried on the phone and constantly reminded her he that he was there for her and the kids. Jana told him that she was scared to tell their dad as she was worried he would be extremely disappointed in her for getting a divorce, especially since he was not in favor of her marrying Phil. Jason said it would be okay and that he would be there with her if she needed the extra support.

Jason’s first priority was making sure Jana, Jenny and Monty were okay, as he has always been extremely protective and caring of his family. He even showed up that weekend despite being busy with work because he knew Jana needed her family. Jason stepped in and took care of the kids that week. School, practices, meals, and fun stuff, giving Jana a chance to focus on herself, deal with her emotions, sort everything out, and have some room to breathe. Something she deeply appreciated. Jason tried to be there for Jana as much as possible and in whatever way possible. Whether she needed someone to talk to, a warm and loving embrace, or a shoulder to cry on (he would have plenty of tissues on hand). They talked at night when the kids were asleep and Jana would cry so much. He just gave her that sad concerned face and brought her closer to him. He didn’t want her to start not taking care of herself. When Jana would have outbursts at the kids and Jenny and Monty started tearing up when she left the room, usually in tears, Jason would tell them “It’s ok. Mom’s going through a lot right now. She’s not mad at you she just needs some time.” He would be there for the kids too whether they needed to talk, cry, play a game, watch a movie or anything else at all. Jana and Jason became even closer through this experience (so did Jason and Jenny and Monty). She was so grateful and didn’t know what she would have done without him. Jason was just thankful he could help his sister the way she had often done for him as she always took care of her little brother, and now he was taking care of her.

– Elissa and Hannah

4 thoughts on “Jason’s Reaction to Jana’s Divorce

    1. Thank you so much. 🤗 So happy you liked it and that you thought it was true to character. Jason is definitely the best brother anyone could wish for! He’s just so sweet and caring. 🥺 Fingers crossed we hear Jana and Jason in more episodes together very soon. Their relationship is too amazing not to hear more of it on the show! 🥰


  1. Wow… I forgot Jana got divorced 😞 Jason is such a wonderful, caring person… so sweet… I wish they’d do more of this in the show. Still hoping he and Connie will make a match of it, can’t imagine a more perfect couple. 😋 (But what’s taking the writers sooo long???)

    Thanks for writing this, love it!!! 😃

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    1. We doubt many fans of the show would probably remember that Jana was divorced since it was mentioned in a much older episode. Completely agree! Jason is all that and more. We are wishing so much to hear more of Jason as a caring person. It’s so beautiful to hear and makes us love him all the more. Jason and Connie would definitely make a wonderful couple as they already have a great relationship and fantastic chemistry. So if the writers were to go in that direction on the show and choose to make them a couple it would be amazing! You’re very welcome. Thank you for your kind words! 💗


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